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THE WEATHER FORECAST All the Latest and Best SPORTING NEWS on Page 3. 1 WASHINGTON, Sept. 15. Eastern Pennsylvania, fair Sunday and Monday, somewhat warmer fresh to brisk east winds shifting to south. VOL.



AVindes in the eir cuit court refused to enjoin the titv ter Mot to kill him was discovered and under the Mueller law for the pur. frustrateu. Two of his own nieces ohaSe of the local street railway com-vvere involve I in one conspiracy. But panjes jn any stint not over his dungeon-like room in the ccn- 000 This was the first hearing in the ter of the palace, where ho bomb could CJUSe and the matter xvilPbe taken to reach him, save by shattering a dozen the Supreme court of the state, from wails, with th telephone constantly at which an opinion is hoped for next his side, he issued orders and received month. reports.

His personal courage was be- i The Mueller law was the act passed yond all question, lie had almost a py the state legislature under which contempt for death. "I am no fool, the city of Chicago was authorized said to The Associate 1 Press corre- to issue bonds in any amount not ex-spondent a few days after he assumed reeding $75,000,000 for the purpose of tire dictatorship. I am no fool to be acquit ing and) oppratin the ralil-pottod in tlie street. I have work to ways of the city. do and I propose to do it.

I have giv- A enmittoe of taxpayers opposed to word to my imperial master to municipal ownership attacked in the ROANOKE, Va Sept. 15. Colonel William Jennings Bryan spent the day In Southwest Virginia delivering an address this afternoon to the largest crowd "ever gathered In this part of the state. In the Radford fair grounds at Radford, and speking to an enormous throng In Roanoke tonight from the portico of the Elks home. At Radford Mr.

Bryan said Democracy ts a doctrine that appeals to the heart and that Is why the Democratic pary lives whether It win or loses. The idea of Democracy la growing -and in this country he found, on his I return, a large development of the HAVANA, Sept. 1j Three American Democratic idea. The party is full warships, are tlie most imposing and Df hope for the coming campaign, he ntefesting objects in Havana bay to-jsaid, because the people better undernight. Their piesence, undesignediy, stand the ideas of Democracy and as yet pointedly, is typical of the fact that 1 they better understand them they it is the intention of the United States are growing more friendly to them, to take a hand in Cuban affairs to the While the Republican party is extent at least of bringing order out claiming credit for' its opposition to the of the present chaotic conditions.

trusts, it is not doing its duty on the The cruiser Dos Moines arrived this trust question, said Mr. Bryan, orning anj tlie auxiliary cruiser Dixie 1 I am willing to4 go down on my with 250 marines on board and ready, knees and ask my. Heavenly Father: at a moment's notice to. land field Give us this day our daily bread but pieces and rapid fire guns, catne this I am not willing to make milions of evening. Commander Abraham E.

my country-men get dofvft on thejr READY AT A MOMENTS NOTICE TO LAND FIELD PIECES AND RAPID FIRE GUNS; U. S. MEANS BUSINESS. Culver, of the Dcs Moines, and Lieu-y tenant Commander Lrban Holmes, of the Dixie, reported to Commander Col-i well, of the Denver, who, being the In the pending campaign we shall challenge the Republican party to Colwells mission stat ts Pion and we will state ourg boldly that you cannot regulate here was in the nature of making a private monopoly, that you need not peace negotiations he could hardly be 1 i waste time trying to restrain it, but more busy, die is receiving delegates representing the insurgents and even some of the insurgents themselves, wiio are anxious through him to negotiate peace of some kind. He has held consultations with these emissaries, but declines to do otherwise than recommend that they go to their government.

This suggestion bore fruit this afternoon to the extent that there was some talk between the emissaries and Governor Nunez which may lead to methin'g more definite. But while these men are assuring Commander Colwel that hostilities have been held up on account of their endeavors to negotiate for peace, the fact is that fighting proceeded outside Havana both Friday evening and this aft ernoon. While a cessation of WILLIAM PLANK ACCUSES CHARLES WAGNER OF HAVING ROLLED. HIM FOR $2.00. 1 1 William Plank accused Charles Wagner with having robbed him of $2 while at the Mansion house, last night, and both were locked up for the night.

Plank says that early in the evening Wagner touched him for the money About 9:30 he went to the Mansion house, found Wagner at the bar and accused him of the theft. There w-as a slight argument and the men were both put out of the hotel. When Officer Bostic Plank insisted that Wagner be arrested. Bostic took both Plank and Wagner to police head-hostilities quarters, where Wagner was locked knees and say to some magnate: XBve us this day our dail bread, and bave him say, I will If you vote the tlcket 1 'van you to vote UP- hen searched the police failed to anv tke alleged stolen money 0,1 aKnor. so Plank was also put in me for the night.

The were charged with drunkenness and disoi derly conluct and with lighting SURPRISE PARTY. BY DYING POLICE fiHSTER COULD NO LONGER SWD1B8 STRAIN ALMOST CONSTANT ON HIS LIFE BY REVOLUTISTS AND HIS OWN RELATIVES HURRIED ON HIS DEATH. WILL BE MISSED BY CZAR ST. PETERKBURt 1, 15. General iJinii! i -l-'eiulu, ich Tiepoff, comma.

i of inf Impilal paLme, died at 6 i lock tills evening in his villa at l'ct'o of angina pectoris-, WAS A NATURAL DESPOT. General Tiepoff. wires-- was indelibly Iinkc-i with ret-tion and sup-pre-Mon Russia was in many re-ep- ts a Kinarkablf. man. lb1 was a natural dr-spot, a tyrant by inclination, education and com ic-tmn.

II was one of tho-r- men who hate constantly ap- pearr-d. like evil geniuses, in Russian history j. -t at the time tt nil conditions most promising for putting an enrl to despotism to turn the Rus-fitin rnleis from libeiaiism back into at hv of i eact ion. ALWAYS HAD EMPERORS EAR. it was lie tvlio became tin- guiding if tire re.rctior after Ni imias II had i'-ii'd Iris minus manifesto in the fall of promising liic people a in I c- t.

Hoiding tlie position of ii- i-li-r ot liic palace in lr agiii- witii omit intriguers who win- I'etci imm-d to resl'ite tiic oi regim. lr i.l tii. empe-lot's eat HIS FATHER A FOUNDLING. I.ikc his fallen- labile him, TrepuTf was tt police master wit a all that the name involved in Russia and story of fattu-i an son is full of dramatic incidents. The elder was it foundling.

Who his patents 'were w'as never known. lie was found one morning as a baby upon tin- hack door step of a rrii.ui by wlioin lie was taken in and idayfully given tii name of Tiepoff (German fop doo: steps). CLOSE TO ALEXANDER II. The fatlnn i-ntert 1 Russian ser-iie a-, agent of the famous "third sort ion distinguished himself as a mi-nit'i of secret police, ltming the height of the Nihilist eopspir ai ies 111 the rate severities it was to linn fiat Alexander I coplid- tin- if unci' tiring and mining down the terrorists. wlm weie plotting against Ilia life.

Dimitri followed' his fallen's footsteps in itu- polite tini-nt. It is said It" lire intention of Sergius. tlie govs in general of Moscow and tin- rear of grand duki mil Iii-iii was it nm i 1 oh- master of MANY ATTEMPTS TO KILL HIM. Tiepoff soon became Sergius' right arm. fighting tlie revolutionary student agitation of which the ancient capital was the hot tied.

Trepoff's life was mniiy times attempted, but he always escaped. When tlie Grand Sergius was assassinated ho was named go eriinr general of Moscow. Later Tiepoff was summoned to St. leteisburg and given the common 1 of the imperial guard and male governor general of the city. Jte took up his residence in tire Winter palace and in fact, if name Jictti-tnr of Russia.

RULED WITH IRON HAND. Anarchy privail-d vvlnir he atrived. An uprising on a large was momentarily expected. Thousands had lied fire city. Rut with Tiepoff in tlie maintain the tranquility of the and I will answer for the prservalion of ord-r with my life.

STRAIN WAS TOO MUCH FOR HIM. Tlie strain told upon him and during those memorable six weeks the lines of his face deepened and his hair and board became streaked with gray. When the of which followed the manifesto of October was in full blast, threatening to sweep away tlie foundations of. the government. oven Witte was, glad to turn to thp gieat police mnstcr to restore order.

lie accomplished his task and was hailed hv the reactimiai its as the savior of tin- situation. SIX ATTEMPTS ON HIS LIFE. The emperor was made to, believe Trepoff alone was capable of safeguarding the lives of himself and the Imperial family. And so, with the press howling at his lmels, lie retired Tsurshnp-Kelo to become master of the palace. Here, in a more congenial atmosphere, lie took the direction of tile campaign for the restoration of tlie oil order of things.

In all six actual attempts on the life of Genual Trepoff have been made within the last tare, years. SUFFERED FROM ASTHMA. General would have been 51 of age on December 15. For several years he had been suffering from a licait affectation and asthmatic Iroul-Ds. Though for two years he was (onstantly living under threat of issasujnation.

with even members of lis own family among those seeking to take liis life. General Trepoffs death was -luc entiriiy to natural causes: the 1-evolutionists can at least laint partial responsibility for liis end, is his illness was superinduced by the drain due to constant fear of death, which, with tlie lack of exercise and -c-creation during the last two years, wane down his originally splendid constitution. NERVOUS SYSTEM WRECKED. He ha i become so nervous of late 'hat recently when a military attache a continental power was unexpectedly ushered into his room. General Tiepoff sprang to Iris feet and stool in altitude of defense; but when he ''cognized his visitor sank into liis almost unnerved.

I DEATH GREAT SURPRISE. Th'-ugh Hie gravity of liis malady wa- reco-qiize-1 from the first, his death as a great surprise. He was able to b.v nn mil around un'il tire very He attended tlie parsd? of the Pavlovsky regiment last AVednesday mid on Thursdav was present at the lending stage Kmperor Nicholas and tii- imperial family embarked on the vaeht istari-lart for a cruise to Bjorko. With tlie emperor safely at sea and out of reach of the terrorists' one of General Trepoffs was lifted, and tlie feeling of re lief he experienced was plainly apparent. He was extremely weak, hovv- ver, and incapable of the exertion he f'lrrmlv 1 practiced.

NICHOLAS WILL MISS HIM General TrepoiTs death will not have any immediate influence on the policy of the government, which, for time being at least, is firmly in Piemier sad lie, the aspect of affairs changed. Stolypins hands; incase revolution Troops (die 1 tlie street an 1 dead walls again break? out there is a crisis were placarded with notices that the such as that of last October, Kmperor slightest would lie suppressed Nicholas will misK his strong will and wit tout mercy. And I tinder his iron indexible purpose, on which he leaned hand tin. ciiv been quiet. General Trepoff's proper rank must LIVED IN BOMB PROOF ROOM, ii-e left for impartial history to estan-During those trying weeks plot af-.

jsh I PROBABLY MOST REMARKABLE ESCAPE FROM DEATH BY DROWING EVER EXPERIENCED BY HUMAN. RER COMPANIONS DROWNED LEW YORK, Sept. 15. Miss Fannie Day, a yong department store employe of this city, who was one of a party of eight persons in a naptha launch which was capsized in the Lower Bay early today, had the most remarkable escape from death by drowning that any human being probably ever experienced. Three of her companions were swept to the bottom when the launch with disabled engines, was run into by a mud scow.

Miss Day had gone down with the others and when nothing was seen of her for a few hours afterward It was reported she had met death. But when the. mud scow had been towed nearly -to its destination and the deck hands were adjusting the dumping apparatus at tlie bottom, they were startled to find a handsomely dressed young woman in one of the pockets. Miss Day had been literally scooped out of the water by tlie dumping machinery, ixvhiieh had been left open after the scow had discharged its last load at sea. Miss was just regaining consciousness vv hen she was discovered and had begun to call feebly for help.

She had bten stunned when the collision occurred, had been engulfed by the water and given up for lost. The young woman was hysterical through out most of the day and her nerves are shattered from the harrowing experience. Two women and one man who were in the launch were drowned, while three men and one woman, the latter Miss Mabel Cook, a friend and room mate of Miss Day was picked up by a passing craft soon after the accident occurred. Boats remained at the sceene of the collision -for some time in the hope of picking up aditional survivors, but it was concluded that all the others had gone down until the news was received of Miss Day's extr.iordinai escape. The party were returning last night from Sheepshead Bay.

where they lia-1 dinner and although a stiff gale was blowing and tlie seas were running high, all wtnt well until the engines of the launch gave out. Ail night long the little craft owned by AA'. AV, Dax id, of Jamaica, L. drifted helplessly in the bay. When daylight came tlie men and women xvete overjoyed to find a tug with two scows in tow making di reetl.v for them.

They called loud for help ami signalled their disress. The tug swept by and apparently they wore not seen by those on board So close dij the tug run that the wind drove the second seofw against: the launch and caused it to upset. The eight occupants! of the hunt were all in the water in an instant struggling fop their lives. Three of the men and Miss Cook managed to get hold of the upturned launch am clung to it until a tug and the inemn ing steamer El Paso rescued them The survivors were taken to Staple-ton, L. and sent to an infirmary there where they refused at first to divulge their own names or the names of those of the persons whit were! drowned! GERTRUDE KNIGHT ADMITS THAT AN OPERATION WAS PERFOMED ON HER BUFFALO, Kept.

15. Gertrudi- Knight, of Philadelphia, the young woman wanted in connection with the case, against Dr. W. AV. Turver, is at police headquarters in a state of collapse.

Khe was taken suddenly ill in the matrons apartments this morn ing. She had undergone a severe mental and physical strain during the past few days. Superintendent of Police Regan visited her this morning and questioned her concerning the ease and later stated that she had admitted to morning. Dr. xvas later formally charged xvith performing a criminal operation on Miss Knight in his maternity hospital.

He xvill not be arraigned before Monday or Tuesday. Miss Knight continued to grow xvors.e and it xvas dcided this afternoon to send her to a hopital. ASSISTANT INSPECTOR. been Mrs. A.

M. Canfield has been pending th" at rivaD of Secretary of War Taft and Acting Secretary of State Bacon would b- appreciated by the povertment an 1 the public, there is no certain evidence that any such general understanding has reached. yet been TAFT IN WASHINGTON. Interest 1 WASHINGTON. Sept.

15. in tlie Cuban situation was intensified tonielit by the arrival here of Secretary Taft, who. with Assistant Secretary Bacon, has been directed bv the president to proceed to Havana and aid in the pacification of court the constitutionality of the law and at the same time the legality of certain ordinances passed by the city council of the city of Chicago, also elating to the control by the city of street car systems. The city filed demurrer to the bill of complaint entered by the committee. The decision of Judge Windes given today upheld the constitutionality of the law, approved every step that the city had taken in following the revisions of the law and finally dismissed the bill of complaint.

COBLEIGH PALMER CONTEST IN DAUPHIN COUNTY. HARRISBURG, Sept. 15. The Cob-leigh-ralmpr contest for the nomination for congressmen on the Republican ticket of the Luzerne county dis-trictis all over except the argument of the opposition counsel Monday afternoon. which time was fixed this afternoon after the dose of the testimony of both si Ies.

Tlie last few witnesses for the Palmer si-le were officers of convention and newspaper men, ho testified to tfie manner of voting anfi th" disturbed condition of convention while tlie delegates were being called. Attempt was made to prove that one of the delegates was bribed for $16 to vote for another office than congress, but" it was not allowed by the court. VIRGINIA FIRE CHIEF, WELL-KNOWN HERB, PERFORMS HIR01C ACT AT FIRE Kx-Chief James Crimmins. of the local fire department, is in receipt of a letter from a friend in Newport News, Ya which the southerner ells of the heroic work of Fire Chief V. K.

Stow, of Newport News, who is well know to York firemen. Stow lias served as lire chief at Newport News for many years and practically all of the members of th" local fire companies who have tlki the annual rail southern trips have formed his ac- TI 1... -r tl.O quaint. :r.c--. lie is at the head of tlie general committee to welcome the Union firemen in October.

Uliief Stow occupied cot at the Newport News hospital a short time ago and was just recovering from an operation. Fire broke out in the bath room of the hospital and for a time it Was thought that a panic would result. Stow li-dpe 1 to avert the panic and hen the firemen arrived, directed their" work. Early in the morning he smelled smoke and gave an alarm by ringing his call bell. The nurses were tints roused and discovered the fire in tlie hath room just across tin; hall from Stow's room.

After leaving his lied he directed the ement of his firemen and refused to leave Hie room. He was later propped ith pillows and remained until a Her the fire was extinguished. Chief Stow was later removed to his luinie nearby. The lire was started by rats, chewing a box of matches. Chief Stow is recovering rapidly from his illness- and expects to be able to take part in the welcoming of the Union next month.

He is very popular among local firemen, who will be glad to hear of his improved condition. RAILROADS MERGED. HARRISBURG. Kept. 14.

Papers were filed In the state department merging the Stisquehatffnf Central, Tioga an-1 Clinton, and the Pittsburg. Binghamton and Eastern railroad companies under the name of the Pittsburg. Binghamton and Eastern thirsts quenched, the visitors pushed A delightful surprise party was held their chairs aside to listen to the worda by Mr. an 1 Mrs. George Ross, of 233 t'f welcome.

Hay street, in honor of their daugh- I I'1 behalf of the city. Mayor James ter. Mae Ross. The evening was spent Clair M'Call extended a hearty in games, after which refreshments "dcome to the members of the Friend-were served. -Those present were: company.

Misses Dora Hartsough, Eva Luck- President Van Raman welcomed the uetubers of the Friendship in the FRIENDSHIP FIREMEN WILL BE IN THE CITY UNTIL TOMORROW, ENROUTE TO 5 NIAGARA FALLS- BALL PARK DINNER TODAY Accompanied by the celebrated Rlngold band, of Reading, sixty-one members of the Friendship company. No. 4, of Reading, last night arrived In this city to be the guests of the Rescue company for two nights and one day. The visitors arrived, on the train due here at 8:21 from Columbia In two special coachee. Nearly one hundred members of the Rescue company, with the Fpringgarden band, were at the station to meet them and the red shirt of the local company stood out Jn bold contrast, to the handsome blue uniforms of the visitors.

It was 9 o'clock when the line of para le was formed. Headed by Chief Kormeny, the parade marched up George street to the engine house, where a banquet had been spread. The train which brought the visitors to thi city was over a half hour late and when the parade finally passed through Centre square, that place was simply jammed wjth people. Along the route of parade the police' had a hard time getting the crowd back owing to the constant pushing In the rear. There was plenty of red light and fireworks and the visitors were soon aware of the fact that they were being entertained by Yorkers.

There were words of praise all along the line for the visitors and for the crack band, which was conducted by M. A. Olt-houser. Harvey G. Clouser, president of the Friendship company, had charge of his men, among whom was James R-Kenny, an ex-mavor of Reading When the visitors arrived at the engine house, they were ready to partake of something for the Inner man.

The Rescue boys had been thoughtfuL and a. good sized spread had been prepared. -The Reading firemen, with the Ringoli band, occupied seven tables that had been set In the engine room of the Rescue house and at the word from President Van'Baman the feasting began. When good sized ha 1 been satisfied and burning laken to have a good time, as waa aware of the congeniality of tha York firemen, as he had been with fire companies in York before. A-t the conclusion of the banqueL the committee of arrangements escorted the visitors to Hotel Penn, where they will be quartered while In York.

Today the visitors will visit the and, aft- nn at 3 ther t'1U bp tlara chowder supper at the Penn Park bal1 Founds. During the day the Rinoll ban1 iU render several con- certs. Tomorrow at 10:30 oclock, the men xx ill leax-g for Niagara Falls. IMMIGRATION COMPANY. HARRISBURG.

Sept. 15. A statement of location of offices? In Philadel- Phia and Pittsburg was filed In th of- fic of the secretary of the common xveclth here today by the American Immigration company, which was incorporated in New Jersey recently to promote, assist and encourage immigration to the United States and to do. all things necessary and Incidental thereto anj to make contracts against dejiortation' SERVICES OF SORROW. At the meeting of the Mos Rosa temple.

No. 52. Ladles of the Golden Eagle, held In the Polack building, on Friday night. Temple of Sorrow ser-ices ere held In commemoration of the late Miss Mamie Dessenberger. who xx a.

a member of the temple. The exercises xxere In charge of Marla N. Erxx in. The meeting was ell attended. You Are Invited to the corner of Sherman and Edison streets.

York. at one P. on Sat- urday. Sept. 22.

1906, at the public sale of 3 fiame houses. 1 brick house. 1 large stable, some building lots. hay. corn, and other personal property; by Jas.

J. Logan, trustee in bankruptcy. sepl6-3td- Its Wanted Clgarmakers on ahaper work. Apply to Myers, Adams Co North Beaver street. eS-d-stf the island.

Secretary Taft is not certain that vert a Fmith. Jennie Dick, Grace Fife, ranlo of the company, lie will be able to get away tomorrow Lizzie Miller, Clara Keiser, Katie P-atran gave the historical connections afternoon, as he had Intended. He Brandt. Mary -Brandt. Gertie Petry, the city and spoke of the Illustri- said tonight that he was engaged in Mae Ross.

Ethl Ross and Isabelle OU! rast of the Rescue company. In the preparation of a magazine article Ross; Messrs. Ezra Stewart President Harry G. Clouser, of which had to be completed before he Shetter. Elmer Smith.

Francis Stauf- i Friendship company. Introduced Idft Washington and that it might fer. Chauncev Rauhouser, Stewart ex-Mavor James R. Kenney, of Read-take all of tomorrow to get it ready. Myers.

Francis Little, Toll Getr. Wil- 'nfr- who is a member of the Friend-lie admitted, however, that the neces. liam Ness. Leroy Wise, Thecal "re Hall. company.

He assured the Rescue sity for his departure at the earliest Walter Hartsough. Claude Logeman. that every opportunity would be man, Jennic Ross. Maggie Miller. Al- practicable moment was urgent.

PERSONAL MENTION. Miss Bessie Ruth, of Harrisburg, isiting friends in York. Miss Besrie Burrows, of Green street. Harrisburg, is visiting friends in York. Mr.

and Mrs. AVuIter Long, of York attended the of Mrs. Jennie Long at Hanover, yesterday Mrs. J. A.

Me-lsheimer and daughter Amelia, were entertained yester-dav by friends in Yjirk. Miss Frances Frey, of A'ork, is the guqst of Miss Elizabeth Newbold, West Walnut street, Lancaster. Miss Mary CrulT, of Middletown, is guest among friends at Yotjt. J. J.

Jones, of 1802 Mt. Aernon street. Philadelphia xxas th guest of his tong time, friend Rex'. AA Eli- 1 lei D. D.

end family a couple of days this week. Dr. Jones- returned to his h-mie on Thurs lay. M8- Foul ih AYllman is the guest of her s-tsier 1 tthMown. Miss Helen E.

Young, of Abbotts- town stieei, Hanox'er, is entertaining Misses Edna Kraber and Anna Stauf- CT OI i)i. Mrv. L. M. Baughman and daughter Mi Lotta and Julian, have returned where they were guest at the cottage of E.

and family, of Baltimore. Mrs. B. Alice Gemmill and her family of 36 North Beax-er street hax-e moved to their future home 1021 Mt. Vernon street Philadelphia.

Mis. John Roth and son, of South Penn street, is visiting friends In Baltimore. Otto Stock and xvife are xisiting friend in Baltimore this week. Mr. and Mrs.

AA'eley Kinat'd, 37 North Per.n street, hax-e returned home from tl-eir vacation, which they sient in I I I I I YORK CHAMPIONS LEAVE FOR LONG BRANCH TOMORROW Percy Frey, Charles Bear, Edward and George Mrs. Carpenter, One of tlie firM caes to lie tried in the r. courts next week will be tlie suits ii i -ii i i el John D. Grexbill. of Carlisle, with tlie Milling combine and some interesting de- velopments are expected.

H. C. Niles, of York ill lie one of the parties to the suit. Mr. Hippie, the late presi- d.m of Vie I'.

Estate Trust company, PiiHadelphia. va to have lieen a wit-, l-ess. R. v. Woods, Mr.

Grey bill's counsel, bail a sulqioena for Mr. Hippie. Ik-fore it was served Mr. Hippie com mi t-i ted suicide. The case to lie tried here is Iliought by the prchaers of the mill against Air.

Grexbill to collect back rent wjn a Oettv-bur' Times school, tomorroxv afternoon at 1:15 I. lnn BABY DAY EXERCISES. The annual Baby Day exercises and reception xx ill be held In the primary department of Grace Reformed Sun- babies, aecom. panied by their parents and friends, little tots sing their songs and make their recitations. Through the kind- ness and generosity of AA.

P. Swartz, every, baby under three years of age, ho attends this meeting xxill be presented xvith aS toy. Mrs. S. Nlexdn Hench.

xxho'is the superintendent of the primary department, xxill ha-e the exercises In charge. HOTEL FIRE; GUESTS JUMPED. three months, fij scheduled to arrive in New i Yoi harbor today. He sailed from Naples Keptetnber 6. I I I I I railioad company and prnxdding for tlie construction and opciation of a forrno-ri on her and that she xvas xvilL Tving to testify in the case.

Miss Knigh's brother arrived here Hits line in Clearfield, Clinton, Center, Ly coming. Elk, Tioga and Bradford that an operation had been per- Manager Heckert received word from the management of, the Long l-tach. N. team that the York team was to report at Long Branch Tuesday to play itr the Atlantic Coast down upon them, the engineer of the The championship York south bnunrl passenger train, due here team, headed by Manager Heckert, wilt fi-ave hire tomorrow for the Jer-I town and will take Long Branchs place ifi the league. Long Branch oc sud.lenly standstill land his fireman was able to give tlie wattling to the people endangered.

COOL ENGINEER BROUGHT HIS TRAIN TO STANDSTILL Tlie 8:02 train was forty nrnutes late last night and it pulled into the station just a second or two ahead of the regular north bound 8:48 train. The station was crowded at that -time with firemen and friends, who were there to welcome the Reading oom- bound tiain "-us spooling through the train sheds, when the train was brought to a sudden stop" as the engineer saw tlie lieu liight of another engine sweeping into the opposite end the station. The fireman signaled to a policeman and the tracks were quickly cleared. counties in Pennsylvania, starting at Hy-mer. Cleat field county, and extending to Binghamton, N.

A. '5 The capital stock of the company is The papers name F. A. Sawyer, of Canton, as president. FOUR KILLED IN STORM.

TEc*msEII, 14. Two violent an I seemingly distinct storms today swept oxer Johnson county, causing the death of four persons and 1 the fatal injury of two. Thrre men crawled tinder a threshing machine, xxhlch xvas shattered by lightning. Hie second storm demolished a school house, killing George A. Koehler and children.

fatally injuring two. other school i from xvindoxvs and seriouslx- in the been cupies second position at present and is only a few games back of Hoboken, the leadets. -VI of tlie Yoi will be taken along on the trip and Heckert savs that he will get another pennant. The Atlantic Coast league season has sev- erai weeks mote to play. Four games are played a week but Heckert hopes to arrange games with independent teams in and around New York for the other days.

Mike O'Neil leaves for Atlantic City today but will join the team at Long Branch on Tuesday. Go Jo Df- C. D. RICHEY, Dentist. appointed assistant inspector of AA q- Till.

S.irali EniikV of Eplinita. is vis-man's Relief corps. She xvill -inspect hing lu-r son. A. O.

Emig. 201 Kat Pliil- KUOsts have bw-t thelr Hves. corps in Adams, Carbon, Cumberland, udelphia street. Mrs. Emig is now- S3 Fulton.

Franklin, Luzerne and North- 1 years old and this is her visit to York utnberland counties. 'x'-qhin ten year. it- xvere lplii.i. Atlantic t. ity an I Asbi'y jured.

It is feared that some of Dr. Jamgs A. IaU xxho has tonring in Europe for the past The annual convention of District No. 7. AV.

R. xvill be held at Lun- raster 0,1 Tuesday, October 2. 1906. Mr. Ela Rider.

34S Reinecke place, is on a visit to her siter, Mrs. Nicholas Ruth. Harrisburg..

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