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a I they'd was who of I all and to ties a of a to appoint amounts and was ca- on tor old the Foreigners in Russia. BY FRANK J. TYLOR Press Staff Correspondent.) New York, July Through President Wilson's name carries great weight with the masses of Russia, it is not a synonym for ity with the bolshevik leaders, have finally come to the conclusion that the President is a dangerous 1,3 elshevik leaders do not say Mute Wilson, and, are very heir attitude toward him. They frankly admit is because they' hope for recognition and help from America. Their hopes are growing fainter, but have not been given up.

From other nations the bolsheviks expect nothing, unless a world revolution comes. The attitude of the ordinary he can quite different. An incident which occured to the United Press correspondent as he came through the German-Russian front in Lithuania illustrates the general impression regarding Wilson. 3 'The correspondent was exchanged in the middle of No-Man's-Land by the Germans for two hundred pris-1 oners which the bolsheviks were returning to Germany. To the may of the German officers, fifty of the prisoners were entirely new citizens for the Fatherland--they were pretty Russian wives the German soldiers had acquired in Russia.

While the bevy of prisoners being escorted to the German fron by the bolsheviks, the dent sat in the drosky of an old Lithuanian, whose wagon had been taken from the procession in exchange for the one from the White side the line which the correspondent had brought out. The old Lithuanian was shrewd old character, who had learned German during the invasion in the days of Brest-Litovsk. When asked if he were a bolshevik himself, he studied the correspondent carefully, finally said, "You're the representative of President Wilson, arent you?" "Who told you that?" "I heard the Germans tell the bolshevik leaders that?" "Well, the Germans told them wrong. I'm an American, but that's all." "It's all the same, insisted the old Lithianian driver, "I can trust you, and tell you what I think. No, I'm not a bolshevik at heart.

I have to be for the present, because take my horse and wagon, if were not. It's business, just like else is Later the old Lithuanian passed the word to my guard that here was someone from President Wilson's land. The word went along from guard to guard, until the in Moscow, and always the name of Wilson was used with considerable impression to everyone. In Moscow, however, foreigners are not welcome. In spite of the vitation he had and received in for Berlin! go to Moscow see himself the Utopia of the bolsheviks, the United Press arrived correspondent, once there, was assured he was extremely unwelcome.

The bolshevik police chier, whom the correspondent was first taken, was puzzled to know what to do with a foreigner who had slipped in to Moscow through the back door--the Lithuanian front. He finally "passed the buck" to the foreign office, and the corresponddent was allowed to stay a week before he was put out. Before he left, however, a manifest was passed by the foreign offiand the military passed by the eign office and the military authorijointly that no more are to be allowed to enter Russia until peace is made with the rest of world. Correspondents are to be stopped at the border, said the proclamation. If any slip in, they are to be arrested and either jailed or thrown out.

Pal Moore Ready To Meet Wild. BY DON E. CHAMBERLAIN (United Press Staff Correspondent.) London, July stage was set to-day for Thursday's 20 round bout between Pal Moore, Memphis, bantamweight, Jimmy Wilde of Wales, flyweight champion of the world. Both men eased up to-day on their training. The American is confident that he will show the Britishers that his win over Wilde last fall was not a fluke, and Wilde is just he as positive will prove it was a fluke.

The men fight at The Olympia, huge amusem*nt hall. Ringside weight 116 pounds will prevail. Odds slightly favor Wilde. Betting on knockout also favors Wilde, backers of the American contenting hemselves with merely wagering their money on Moore's chances tto cop the decision. British sport writers declare that from the point of interest the bout will be the greatest staged in Britain since Freddie Welsh of Wales de-, feated Willie- Richie of America, for the lightweight championship of the world.

Moore gained a decision over Wilde in a three round bout in the Anglo-American boxing tournament here last winter. There was considerable feeling at the time over the decision. Up to the time of meeting Moore, Wilde had eliminated everything in the British flyweight, bantamweight and featherweight classes, including the champions of the two heavier weights. Just before meeting Moore, Wilde met and knocked out Joe Conn, runner-upl for the British featherweight Moore's win over him was the first blemish on Wilde's record. It I probably would have been if Moore had not been reported over here as calling Wilde a hard loser.

This was too much for the diminutive Welshman and he began working for a long contest with Moore. Wilde's coming fight with Moore recalls the fact that it has been A- merican opponents who gave him his start. It was an American boxer, the over-touted Kid Zulu of St. Louis, that gave him his orgina fame. After the match had been played up both in the States and here, Wilde knocked the Kid out in the first round.

Since Moore beat Wilde, Joe Lynch of New York, slugged Wilde to a stand-still in a fifteen round brut at the Nationl Sporting club, but the referee awardted Wilde the decision because Lype fouled. Wilde plans, in case he beats Moore, a trip to the United Stats where he is under contract for severno-decision contests. It is probable that he will box Kid Herman, the bantamweight champion, and Lynch. Obituary Obituary Linda W. Bratton-Hall was born in Blue Grass, Vermilli County, May 4th 1870, snd died in Lawrence Kansas, July 11, 1919.

Her age was 49 years, 2 months and 7 days. At the a age of nine vears she moved with her parents. to Russell county Kansas. In November 1899 she was married to Samuel Hall. To this union was born one child.

Mrs. Hall was a christian from childhood: at the age of sixteen years she united with the Baptist Church. Later she transferred her mem vership to the Evangelical Association, a church near her home. After coming to Lawrence several years ago she transferred her memership to the Centenary Methodist Episcopal Church, of which she was a member at the time of faithful her death. The deceased leaves to mourn her death her husdand, Samuel Hall her son Milton, age 11 years; two brothers and two sisters, Mrs.

John Westfall, of Lawrence, Kansas Mrs. Jennie Glaze, of Stratton, B. F. Bratton, of Lucas Kansas, with other relatives and a host of friends. Mrs.

Hall was a devoted wife, a loving mother and a sympathetic friend, always scattering sunshine. The funeral of Mrs. Hall was held from the Centenary Methodist Church Sunday afternoon, and interment was made in the family lot in Oak Hill cemetery. ELECTRIC FANS Now is the time to have your fan attended to---and here is the place to have it done. Kansas Electric Utilities Company Animal and Brute.

Broadly speaking, an animal is any living organism other than a plant, a creature that has some mode of reproduction and of respiration. The term "brute" refers to one of the higher quadrupeds, such as COWS, horses, dogs, or to any animal lower than man. In a restricted sense the term "animal" is often used as 8 synonym for "brute." Human Ant Hill. In southern Tunisia is a mountain of considerable size called Douriat, which once upon a time was an active volcano. Bubbles of volcanic gases made it a veritable honeycomb of caves, which in these days are inhabited.

In fact, the whole mountain 18 a city- a human anthill, densely populated. Chinese Sweetmeats. The Chinese are very skillful in making confectionery and possess the reputation of having some secrets the knowledge of which our own confectioners would find very desirable. They are able to empty an orange of its pulp entirely and then All it up with fruit jelly without one being able to find the smallest cut in the rind or even a tiny hole. Indeed, they even empty an egg in this manner and fill it with a sort of almond nougat, without one being able to- find the slightest break or incision in the shell.

Relics of a Past Race, The great ceremonial cave or Kiva, the people's councils evidently assembled, is located two of the way up the side of a cliff, in a cave inaccessible, save with ladders. The temple is carved out of the solid rock, partly by nature and partly by hand. Little is known about the forgotten people that once lived in this beautiful retreat in New Mexico, although many of the symbols of a race that was are visible in the interiors of the recently discovered homes. How Mangrove "Travels." Trees have many methods of traveling and one of the most unique of these is used by the mangrove tree which walks in water. It is not uncommon to see a mangrove standing knee-deep in the water, with numerous arms reaching downward from the upper limbs.

As soon as these take root, a new tree is started; thus the mangrove is said to walk. No Written Chinese Music. Chinese music is not written. The words of some of the favorite songs have been preserved, but the music has been handed down from father to son for generations that go back before the day of the troubadours. When music is played it is played according to the memory of the musician and his ideas of interpretation.

A musiclan varies the performance as his best judgment dictates, and the strings, reeds or brass may break in at aimost any time. Rosin Cement. To fasten knives, screw drivers, securely into their handles of stag, bone or wood, without using rivets, bore or burn a hole somewhat larger than the metal to be inserted into the handle. Fill loosely with equal parts of powdered rosin and fine, sharp sand. Make notches with chisel or file on handle part of knife, then heat and insert it.

The rosin and sand will melt and cement the handle into place. Its position can be adjusted while still When cool it will be strong and neat. Eggs of Various Kinds. The turtle living in the Orinoco lays eggs which are extraordinarily rich in oll. The Indians in British Guiana collect 25,000,000 yearly for making oil.

The eggs of many sea birds are excellent eating. The best of the lot is said to be that of the "murre," a bird which is very common on the Labrador coast. Utilization of Waste, A distinguished chemist once observed that "My lady writes tender sentiments to her lord with ink made from an old copper coffee pot on paper made from old collars." The utilization of waste products, which adds enormously to the wealth of the world, furnishes many such fantastic adaptations. Whale's Smail Throat. The whale has a tiny throat alto though the of head the is length from one the quarter and the mouth 15 to 20 feet long and six to eight feet wide.

The opening of the gullet is not larger than a man's fist. Worth Keeping in Mind. By all means adopt the two old-time slogans, "Have a time for everything and a place for everything." If hung where they can be seen without eye strain these twin suggestions will do a world of good and will be remembered long after gay posters, which litter every place, have been torn down and consigned to the scrap heap. Total of Fourteen. Put your mathematical friend to the test by asking him to name five uneven figures which, when added together, total 14, After he has given it up set down for him three ones and the figure 11.

If he argues that 11 only one figure, tell him that 11 is made up of two figures. If that solution doesn't satisfy him give him this one: Four ones equal four. Set down another one in front of the four and you have fourteen. Nest in Communities. The weaver birds of South Africa join forces.

Scores of pairs nest together under a huge umbrella-shaped structure which they build by their combined labor. Some of these amazing co-operative nests contain a good cartload of grass. The Science of Useful Service THE SCIENCE OF USEFUL SERVICE. to us it means-seeking an opportunity to help others who can use our service. The trying question with this bank, is to find the persons who can use our financial help in the USEOF OUR MONEY for business purposes- or our advice in INVESTING THEIR MONEY or how to ACCUMULATE MONEY for investment.

If this ad catches the eye of anyone who can use our help -call to see us once for helpful advice- -no at charge. MERCHANTS NATION UNDER TOWN AS BANK THE OLD CLOCK Established 1877 The bank that Public Confidence Built. Here's a Cheery Chap. The man who has enemies to something. He is a live man.

He is fighter. People don't kick a corpse. a A live man can swim, against the current; a corpse floats down without hindrance. God bless our enemies! We love them. They are making life worth Transcript.

Her Occupation. Louise's mother was a busy club woman and was always serving OD some committee. When Louise came home from her first day at kinder garten her mother said: "Well, dear, what did you do today?" said Louise, with a patronizing air, "I appointed on a committee string beads." West Point Cadets. district Each senatorial congressional and territory, including Porto Rico, Alaska and Hawaii, is entitled to have two cadets at the West Point Military academy and the District of Columbia four cadets. There are also 80 appointments at large, especially conferred by the president.

The law authorizes the president to from dets to the military academy army among men in the regular National Guard, the total gumber not to exceed 180 at one time. National Anthems. "The Star-Spangled Banner" is now that regarded as our national anthem; of England, "God Save the King;" France, "The Marseillaise." The other allies apparently have no distinguishing title their national airs. The national air of Italy is known to us simply as the "Italian National Hymn" and that of Portugal as the "National Air of Portugal," etc. You'll spend the money -Get the most out of it Every year you spend a large proportion of the money you get.

So much for clothing. So much for shoes. So much for things to eat, house furnishings, garden seeds and tools and what not. There's one sure way to get the most for your money. Know what you want before you go to buy READ ADVERTIsem*nTS.

The advertisem*nts you read will tell you what is new and good. They will give you the latest ideas and improvements. They will help you to live better and dress better at less cost If you think of it, you'll be surprised at the of interest and the wealth of new ideas you'll find in reading advertisem*nts. Advertisem*nts are the daily record of progress. They are the report to you of the manufacturers and merchants who work for you, telling what has been accomplished for your benefit.

Poor Picker. They were discussing the raising of children at the chamber of commerce show recently and Dr. Maude Wiley, in charge of the Welfare league, told an amusing story. Seems the little girl had been spanked by her father for disobeying. With tears running down her cheeks she ran to her mother, crying, "I think papa's perfectly horrid.

Was he the only man you could get?" Made Record Trip. Capt. Klaus Larson, in his little mos boat Ferro, made a successful trip from the foot of the cataract through Whirlpool rapids of Niagara falls September 19, 1910. Despite the battering of the Whirlpool rapids Larsen went through safely; the little beat was lost to sight most of the time, but at Great Wave it was shot 20 feet out of the water. Except the Maid of the Mist, sent through in 1864 to avoid seizure, Larsen's is the only engine-propelled craft to have gone through the rapids.

On Probation, as It Were. Preparatory to showing Elmer his sister, his father said: do you say to getting a new baby at our house, sonny?" Elmer thought moment and then said: "Let's just rent one till we see how we like It, 1 for (Elmer's chum) says he 18 Jimmy, his; it cries all the time." Taste, if it means anything but paltry connoisseurship, must mean general susceptibility to truth and nobleness, a sense to discern and a heart to love and reverence all beauty, order and goodness, wheresoever or in whatsoever forms and accomplishments they are to be seen. -Carlyle. Taste..

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