Bianca Belair reveals why she never faced Ronda Rousey in WWE (2024)

Bianca Belair is perhaps the biggest star WWE has ever created out of the performance center and certainly since the rise of the Four Horsewomen.

This weekend at Clash at the Castle, Belair stand alongside perhaps the next WWE megastar, Jade Cargill, as the pair defend their tag team titles in a triple-threat match.

Although, Belair might not have much sleep the night before thanks to Cargill's travel woes.

'Lost her luggage! Hopefully her gear wasn't in that... Listen, I might still be trying to make my gear so we might be running into some issues [laughs].'

Even before Cargill arrived in WWE, while she was bursting onto the scene in AEW fans were talking about the parallels between two, strong, assertive, physically impressive women and dreaming of them colliding.

It didn't take the team long to acquire the WWE tag team title, but one day they will fight

Once Cargill arrived at the Royal Rumble this year, those ideas became reality. But instead of immediately pitting them against each other, instead they joined forces and have been dominating ever since.

Now the pair enter Clash at the Castle as the Women's Tag Team champions and have seemingly only just scratched the surface of what they're capable of.

Belair told Mail Sport in Scotland that great thought went into how these would get off to the races in WWE.

'There was definitely a lot of conversation about how do we start this? It was a lot of rumblings of a dream match between Jade and I, but on the other hand, it was a thought of, why don't we start that together?

'Everyone wants us to go at it, but we'll get there one day. Maybe not? At this point we're the tag team champions and I'm like who is going to take it off of us? I really thought that collectively it was more powerful and impactful for us to start together,' Belair insisted.

Cargill [left] and Belair [right] have quickly become the most dominant duo in WWE

'Starting with the Royal Rumble and us being in the ring doing military presses, not touching each other or saying anything and it was over six million views in a couple of hours.

'So we just saw how it was automatically magic us both being in the ring and obviously representation is so important and what's better than one? It's two! It's so much more impactful and I really think we're going to take this tag division to a whole new level and we're going to highlight division.

'WWE has the best women's division in the world and this women's tag division showcases that,' Belair enthused.

Normally when two powerful personalities collide or rivals for a similar spot cross paths, it can lead to tension backstage and strained relationships. Certainly decades ago, anyway.

Was there any worry about that for Belair when Cargill entered the company? Quite the opposite.

Bianca Belair is a three-time world champion in WWE and had no experience before joining

Jade Cargill made her #WWE in-ring debut in the women's #RoyalRumble and made an immediate impact by eliminating Nia Jax. Cargill also shared a moment with Bianca Belair as the two had a staredown with the #WrestleMania40 logo in the background.

— Hi5 Wrestling News (@hi5_wrestling) January 29, 2024

'I think that we both have the same goal and we are both headstrong. Very bold and empowering women, we're all about that.

'I think we have the same goal and we represent the same thing; being strong, being bold and embracing our femininity at the same time as our strength so the chemistry was there.'

One match that passed Belair by in her WWE run was working with Ronda Rousey, a now former employee with less than stellar things to say about WWE.

However, Belair insists the idea of working with Rousey never came up, but she has been pushing to work with two other women.

Ronda Rousey had two runs in WWE, but didn't cross paths with Belair on either

'[Laughs]. It never really came up! I'm not saying it wasn't something that shouldn't have happened... but it never really came up.

'The conversation for me was more centred around Bianca Belair v Rhea Ripley match which still hasn't happened. The Bianca Belair v Charlotte Flair match where she's the last Four Horsewoman that I haven't been able to conquer yet and is somewhat known as Ms. WrestleMania, so I would love to battle it out with her.

'That conversation [about Rousey] never really came up - it was either Ripley or Flair and I still haven't gotten those.'

Belair's husband, Montez Ford, has been excelling alongside Angelo Dawkins in the Street Profits for years, but lately they've been working in a stable alongside Bobby Lashley and B-Fab in a stable called The Pride.

Naturally, fans have wondered if the spot B-Fab has taken in that group could have been Belair's.

'I think that was something people automatically thought,' Belair started. 'Am I going to join them, am I not? It was a possibility, but I love what they're doing now.

'I think that B-Fab is a great asset to them. I'm looking forward to seeing where they go with it. I think they're only scratching the tip of the iceberg and I think it's going to be a fun, interesting year for them.'

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Bianca Belair reveals why she never faced Ronda Rousey in WWE (2024)


What is Bianca Belair WWE nickname? ›

Belair wrestles in a powerhouse style and is noted for her strength. She uses the nickname The EST of WWE (or NXT during her time there), which she describes as being "the fastest, the strongest, the quickest, the roughest and the toughest – emphasis on the "est".

Is WWE superstar Bianca Belair married? ›

Who is Roman Reigns' twin brother? ›

How much is Bianca Belair's salary in WWE? ›

List of top 23 highest paid WWE wrestlers and their salaries 2024
WWE WrestlerCurrent Salary (per annum)
Bianca Belair$500,000
Alexa Bliss$350,000
Liv Morgan$250,000
19 more rows
Jul 10, 2024

Who is Roman Reigns' real wife? ›

Who is Bianca dating WWE? ›

Bianca Belair and Montez Ford have been married since 2018. Belair and Ford first met in 2016 while training at WWE, and their attraction was instant. After dating for over a year, Ford proposed in 2017 while they were on a trip together.

Who are the Usos married to? ›

Jonathan married fellow wrestler and longtime girlfriend Trinity McCray (Naomi) on January 16, 2014. She is also the stepmother of Jonathan's two children, Jayla and Jaidan. Joshua married his wife Takecia Travis in 2015. They have two sons together.

What is Charlotte Flair's nickname in WWE? ›

The daughter of legendary wrestler Ric Flair (byname of Richard Fliehr), Charlotte Flair is often considered wrestling royalty and is frequently referred to as “the Queen of WWE” or just “the Queen.” Her signature move is the figure-eight leg lock.

Why does Bianca say "est"? ›

I'm kind of all-around the strongest, I'm the fastest and I'm the roughest and the toughest and the quickest, just all around athlete. And then the “est” was kind of at the end of it. So I was like, 'EST rhymes with NXT. I'm the EST of NXT.

What is Bailey's real name? ›

Pamela Rose Martinez (born June 15, 1989) is an American professional wrestler. She is currently signed to WWE, where she performs on the SmackDown brand under the ring name Bayley, and is the current WWE Women's Champion in her second reign.

What are Becky Lynch nicknames? ›

From 2018 to 2020, she used the nickname "The Man". Upon her return and heel turn in 2021, she began to use the nickname "Big Time Becks".

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